Taurus New Moon

Taurus is the sign of the zodiac that unites the fixed modality with the earth element. It’s known for its steadfast qualities and ability to withstand external influences. Taurus bases its judgements on core standards and fundamental principles that are immutable. At the same time, this means Taurus can be very stubborn and inflexible.

This Taurus New Moon is largely unaspected, suggesting that sticking to our agenda and rituals may isolate us. This is neither good nor bad, per se. We may want to stand our ground on principles that are worthwhile and linked to important causes. At the same time those who hold views based solely on power, control, money or material status, or who are solely focused on selfish personal interests are likely to be bullishly standing their ground too, leading to friction and feuds. These tensions could bring about a stalemate situation.

We are likely to notice this strident Taurus agenda because there has been so little in the way of fixed energy lately. Since October 2015 no planets from Jupiter outward have been in fixed signs, and this will continue until October this year. The topsy-turvy world has been a bit like a hall of mirrors; everywhere you look you see some distortion of reality. There has been no stability or certainty, so this unaspected Taurus New Moon will probably pack a punch. Notice that Venus is about to move back into Aries, suggesting that she will be pressing for a new agenda. Venus and Chiron are still holding hands in Pisces which does give us pause to reflect on the empathy and shared collective experiences of our common humanity. Note however that they are squaring Saturn in Sagittarius, so there is still a rather pessimistic air. Fear may drive us to retreat into safe investments and existing relationships even if they are not viable in the longer term, nor in our best interests. Old wounds could be rekindled. But retrograde Promethean Mercury joins Uranus providing some clarity that will assist in illuminating the truth and giving us deeper insight into our feelings and reactions.


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