Aries New Moon

At this New Moon, Venus is about to be reborn as the morning star. Though still retrograde, you may be able to catch a glimpse of her in the morning sky from the end of March.

The process of evaluation that Venus is currently directing has probably led you to a number of internal decisions. Endings and separations can be safely negotiated now, but while Venus continues to backtrack through the zodiac,  don’t implement new arrangements just yet.  There are still preparations to be made. How do we make an approach to others? What is the best way to go about forming a new relationship, or starting a new business? What form will our creative expression take?

Now that Venus is the morning star it’s a good time to tentatively explore this fresh landscape, but it’s not yet time to make firm commitments. To ensure success, the best option is to take things very slowly. Wait until Venus goes direct in April before fully implementing your plans.

There is a huge line up of planets in Aries now, including Mercury and Uranus who will provide some flashes of insight and inspiration. This is a great aspect for brain storming and creativity, but we can sometimes jump the starters gun when Mercury and Uranus team up, so try to be patient.

Eris and Uranus continue to create chaos and strife on the world stage. Aries ruler Mars, is now located in stalwart sign Taurus and sextiles Neptune, so some level-headed and calm discussions will bring some common sense to proceedings. The trouble is that more often than not, it’s ‘uncommon sense’, as my wise grandfather used to call it, since it seems that ‘sense’ is often a rare commodity.

Still, coming one week after the Equinox this New Moon offers us a chance to regroup and focus on what matters most.

The important thing right now is to connect with our heart centre. Spend time enjoying the intrinsic beauty of the natural world and the unconditional love we can experience with our animal friends. Fill your heart and discover where you will share the love.



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