March Equinox



The chart for the March Equinox sees Venus and Mars in each other’s natural sign (mutual reception) and in semi-sextile aspect. This tricky arrangement could test relationships, especially because Venus is retrograde and in the process of re-evaluating the merit of her close ties. This chart suggests that we could be put into positions where we have to maintain harmony even though we disagree strongly with what others are saying or doing. Ultimately, Venus will help us decide where our loyalties lie and guide us towards our principles, helping us maintain connections with those who share our values.

The Moon and Saturn in a tight conjunction suggests a lack of emotional support may be keenly felt. As a result, this Equinox is likely to draw a line in the sand around who we keep in our circle and who we decide to exclude. Any personal or professional relationships that do not measure up may leave us feeling empty, but if we stick to our principles and standards, Venus will usher in new worthwhile connections after she stations direct in April.

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