Virgo Full Moon

Here we are at another Full Moon and this one could be rather tricky. Note the number of planets around 22 degrees. Apart from the Sun and Moon at 22 Pisces and Virgo respectively, Uranus and Eris are at 22 Aries and Jupiter is at 21 degrees Libra. Vesta is stationary at 20 degrees Cancer and Pallas Athena is at 23 degrees Pisces with Chiron at 24 Pisces, joining the Sun.

Twelfth harmonic aspects (30 and 150 degrees) highlight the differences that we have with others. They take us out of our comfort zone and challenge us to form relationships with those who we do not know or understand. There has been a lot of these aspects happening lately, which in part accounts for the many divisive issues we’ve seen across the world in cultural and political arenas over recent months.

If we have nothing in common with someone, how do we make a connection with them? In these stressful times, with the current lack of stability (no outer planets in fixed signs) and the constant change that this imparts, this Full Moon once again challenges us to embrace our common humanity regardless of creed or beliefs.

With the imminent changing of the seasons, the 150 degree aspect from Sun to Jupiter and the Virgo Moon to Uranus-Eris also reminds us to conserve our energy and focus on our personal health and wellbeing.

Virgo is intrinsic to the 150 degree aspect and is associated with health. Virgo is also a sign that discriminates and discerns, something that Venus retrograde also guides us to do at this time.

Venus is retrograde until 15 April, asking us to reconnect with our standards and core principles. We may also need to re-evaluate them. If we hold bigoted views, lack empathy for others, or disrespect the Earth and its living creatures, ultimately we suffer in isolation and ignorance. The Venus-Earth relationship is in the ratio of 5:8 the Golden Mean which is reflected in all of nature and the spiralling life forms and growth patterns of life. When Venus is retrograde, we are close to the centre of the flowering of Earth. Now is the time to re-engage with these intrinsic aspects of life.

Venus retrograde is a key time to assess the merit of our personal and professional connections. Some of these relationships may also have outlived their time, or we may have to re-assess the judgements we have made about others.



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