Pisces New Moon – Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses happen at least twice each year and are visible from different regions of the globe. This one will not be seen in Australia, but all eclipses are powerful, especially if they touch a personal planet, or angle in your chart.

Solar eclipse New Moons such as this are key creative moments when new energy is released. With the light of the Sun temporarily blocked by the Moon, unconscious drives and subliminal suggestions are seeded into consciousness. We may also come to realise something of key importance.

There are a number of planets joining the Sun and Moon in imaginative Pisces,  including Neptune, lord of the sea. This raises the frequency of the subtle vibrations we are receiving, making this a very receptive and potentially psychic New Moon/eclipse that heightens sensitivity.

Venus is virtually at a standstill now, preparing for her 40 day retrograde retreat. The importance of the Venus cycle should not be underestimated. It’s now time to re-evaluate our commitments and associations. This includes how we invest our time and money.  Better and more worthwhile arrangements may be available,  whether business or personal. See my recent article in TMA.

Significantly, Mars has joined Uranus and Eris to oppose Jupiter. Mars could get very hot under the collar now. Mars-Uranus-Eris are combining to unfurl huge amounts of creative energy, this is also very chaotic and stressful because it is so wild and unpredictable.

Mars in his own sign is very powerful in his own right. If you are feeling tense or stressed, try to wind back the pace and engage in meditation, relaxation, aromatherapy and other calming and healing options.

After Mars’s two year zodiac journey he is now within reach of his love goddess Venus, but she is about to turn her back on him. Mars could get rather frustrated and start acting out. This could be a testing time for relationships, but if you allow Venus to guide you towards a re-evaluation of your commitments, you’ll find this is a worthwhile process. If you feel the need, withdraw from social contacts and spend time alone engaged in arts and crafts or other activities that restore your equilibrium. It’s a great time to re-discover the most important aspects of life and the people who really matter the most, that includes our relationship with ourselves!


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