Leo Lunar eclipse

Saturday’s Full Moon is a lunar eclipse. Though not visible in Australia, this is still an important eclipse as there are a number of planets making aspects to the Sun and Moon, notably Jupiter which has just stationed and turned retrograde. Jupiter trines the Sun and sextiles the Moon offering an abundance of fortunate connections and opportunities. Jupiter always stations when it’s trine the Sun.

Confidence is high because Jupiter stations tend to manifest as extreme extraversion. Coming at a Leo Full Moon, this is a great time to showcase your talents and creativity, but be mindful that egos can run amok. This can happen if we lack empathy and awareness of others. It’s possible that this Full Moon/eclipse could lead to boastfulness and a tendency to be very self absorbed. As the saying goes, pride comes before a fall.

Uranus is making a sextile to the Sun and a trine to the Moon, further activating the current Jupiter-Uranus opposition.  Eris is also involved in this arrangement, and these aspects to the Sun and Moon should help to placate some of her disruptive antics. Provided we handle this well, this is likely to be an exciting lunar eclipse with a happy surprise or two in store.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars are very close together in early February right on cue for Valentine’s Day and are highly visible in the evening sky. The cosmic lovers have been getting closer and closer over recent months, but notably they will not form an exact conjunction until much later in the year.

Venus and Mars will not get any closer than about four or five degrees during this pass. The distance between them will instead start to grow. Venus is about to turn retrograde on March 4 and will not rendezvous with Mars until October.

Nevertheless, they will remain close for a considerable time this month, offering many opportunities to view the pair after sunset and helping us honour one another’s differences leading to enhanced understanding.


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