Capricorn New Moon

Mercury continues to travel back through the zodiac and is just a degree ahead of this New Moon. Hearts and minds have the potential to unite as we seed new goals and aims for 2017. This is the perfect New Moon for inner reflection.


Uranus stations direct today too, providing creative inspiration and a vision of what we hope to achieve in 2017. Uranus is most interested in the future, so this last New Moon of 2016 is ideal for focusing on our future direction and aspirations.

At the same time Jupiter is opposing the Uranus-Ceres-Eris trio, making for some further excitement and potentially unexpected events. Jupiter and Uranus are both chief sky gods, gods of lightning and thunder and their aspects often release sudden and spectacular energy. Interestingly as I write, we have very unsettled and stormy weather across large areas of Australia right now.

This opposition opens up a whole plethora of possibilities and Jupiter in Libra could help to bring some reason and balance, but since Uranus stations direct at this opposition with Jupiter, we should be prepared for a few surprises and fireworks! Yes, more or them…!

There are ample opportunities at this New Moon to seed the future and set our intentions for the coming year. Neptune and Mars are aiding communication and enhancing imagination, helping us envisage the future and take action to implement it. The Nodal Axis is along for the ride, guiding us to the right path and helping facilitate connections.

Hopefully the political landscape will also be able to harness the potential for consensus, insight and empathy within this final lunation of 2016.

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful 2017.

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