Gemini Supermoon

Yet another Supermoon is on show this month. This is the third Full Moon in a row that’s lining up with lunar perigee. Last month’s was the biggest Supermoon in almost 70 years and triggered a major earthquake in New Zealand and another in Japan. This Full Moon will closely oppose stalwart Saturn which has just begun a new synod. Saturn is in sextile aspect to the Uranus, Eris and Ceres cluster that continues to highlight the extreme events and that we have been witnessing of late. Donald Trump’s presidential win is also an expression of the chaotic patterns we’ve been experiencing and the cluster of semi-sextiles we’ve had lately, which will now force people who have nothing in common to enter into a relationship, in this instance a political alliance.


The constant change of late is also explained by the lack of outer planets in fixed signs (Sept 2015-Oct 2017) that has created instability and rapid change not seen since the early 1800s. The 1825-27 period was the last two year stint without any fixed energy and that co-incided with the first railways in England and the US which brought about immense change and movement.

Fortunately, this Supermoon is a rather useful Full Moon, with several planets facilitating an exchange of energy between the Sun-Saturn combo and the Gemini Moon.

Mars and Pallas Athena are teaming up in Aquarius, so the message of reform will continue to be articulated, and Jupiter in Libra will help stabilise the rebellious Uranus-Eris-Ceres stellium that has been upsetting the apple cart.

Saturn, Sun and the Moon are squaring Chiron reminding us that healing is an ongoing process and takes time.

The Moon’s ruler Mercury is close to Pluto, asking us to look within our hearts and minds for deeper understanding that could be eluding us.

2016 has been a wild ride full of stops, starts and direction changes. It’s time for a holiday, maybe another planet? Who wants to come?


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