Sagittarius New Moon

This Sagittarius New Moon combines with marriage goddess Juno and makes a square to Neptune.

Sagittarius energy urges us to engage enthusiastically with what inspires us, but with Neptune, there comes uncertainty. This could result in a lack of focus or motivation that disrupts the flow of creative output. Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto/Venus encouraging lavish spending, right on time for Christmas shopping.

Of course everything depends on one’s  perspective and circumstances as well as our individual values and level of consciousness. All this feeds into astrological interpretations. Astrology is first and foremost a symbolic language.

Sagittarius is known to be a spiritual sign interested in  meaning and purpose, so Neptune’s square raises questions around our beliefs. Recent intense weather events continue to unfold across the globe. Scientific explanation? Acts of God? Natural cycle? Human footprint? As the year comes to a close, this New Moon poses a number of questions, both personal and profound. Where to from here?


The radical elements we have witnessed across the globe this year are related to a combination of celestial factors…

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