Scorpio New Moon – Halloween


It’s quite magical how the cycles of the planets often link to important dates in our earthly calendars. This Scorpio New Moon falls on Halloween, a traditional time of honouring the dead and all things ghoulish! The Sun is always in Scorpio on this date, which links back to the origins of this celebration, but being a New Moon makes this Halloween extra dark. Without any Moon visible it suggests an inward focus on the deepest mysteries of life.

Scorpio’s ruling planets, Mars and Pluto are about eight degrees apart now, with Mars squaring Uranus and Eris. This suggests the potential for some outbursts and temper tantrums especially if frustrations get the better of us. Venus and Saturn join forces in Sagittarius. This aspect will help us to focus on essentials and what we need to release from our lives, helping the Scorpio part of us to relinquish and regenerate.

This New Moon is great for de-cluttering, moving, renovating, regenerating and being disciplined with money and resources.

Note that the Melbourne Cup is run on the 1st Tuesday in November, the day after this New Moon. The Moon will still be in Scorpio at the time of the race and rules the 5th house of the chart. (not shown) This suggests colours like dark red and black.

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