Libra New Moon

There’s a fresh feel to this New Moon, like a breath of fresh Libran air! Jupiter joins the Sun and Moon, all having recently transitioned to the sign of balance and fairness. Jupiter’s placement here brings a much needed boost to social justice that will continue to unfold over the coming 12 months, as consideration for others is heightened.libranewmoonpicture1

It’s worth noting that Venus, Libra’s ruling planet is in a semi-sextile aspect to the Sun and Moon. The semi-sextile is often considered to be a minor player in the scheme of planetary relations, but personally I think this aspect deserves much more attention. Signs that are adjacent to one another have neither polarity, quality or element in common and therefore describe something that is foreign or unknown. The 30 degree aspect is like our next door neighbours with whom we share a common boundary, and yet don’t know very well. The semi-sextile challenges us to get along with strangers and learn from them; very important issues in today’s world.

In my book, Secrets of the Zodiac, I focus on how each sign of the zodiac interacts with the sign before it and the sign after. My message in this book is that we can learn something from the sign that follows our Sun sign, and teach something to the sign before.

The sign that follows our Sun sign symbolises the future, whereas the sign before is the past as the natural passage of time unfolds.

In this New Moon chart, Venus in Scorpio can teach the Libra Sun and Moon about passion. Libra has a tendency to avoid murky emotions and feelings, much preferring ideas and surface gloss to what is going on behind the scenes. Emotions can be unbalancing to the Libran need for equilibrium, but Venus in Scorpio can open Libra up to deeper feelings that reside in the heart. Water sign Scorpio helps Libra to form more meaningful connections, but herein lies the challenge. We have to be willing to look more deeply and really get to know others in this way. This New Moon asks us to look beneath the persona and get to know people more intimately, even if this makes us feel uncomfortable. We may have to share and expose our inner most secrets before we can establish this trust.

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