Sag Full Moon & June Solstice – Astrology Forecast

This Full Moon happens less that 12 hours before the Sun enters Cancer at the June Solstice.


This is the 2nd Sagittarius Full Moon in a row, and because it’s happening at the intersection of Sagittarius and Capricorn, it’s further activating the square aspect between Jupiter and Saturn, their ruling planets. This see-sawing trend is being made more confusing by Neptune’s involvement, and adding to the myriad possibilities on offer, Mercury and Vesta in Gemini are now involved in a mutable grand cross with the Nodal axis also part of this cosmic cocktail. The question is; do we go ahead and drink it? And if we do, will be end up with an almighty hangover?

There are actually two mutable grand crosses in this Full Moon chart, the other involves the Sun, Moon, Chiron and Hygiea, suggesting the potential for a powerful healing experience of mind, body and  spirit, but equally this could expose some emotional wounds that require scrutiny before healing can take place.

Uranus and Ceres are joining forces in Aries now, offering us a new paradigm that encourages creative ideas and new technology, in particular to deal with climate change and environmental challenges. With Ceres the chief goddess of crops, farming and agriculture, we could see breakthroughs in these areas, or simply more conscious awareness of the environment, food production and health.

Mars is at a virtual standstill now and will turn direct on June 30. Mars is in an uncomfortable quincunx with Uranus and Ceres. Mars-Uranus quincunxes are known to be an accident prone aspect. (Christopher Reeve was born with an exact Mars-Uranus quincunx and on the day he fell from his horse the same exact aspect was happening in the heavens.)

With Ceres involved here too, hopefully this will not result in some kind of environmental accident. As ruler of both Aries and Scorpio, Mars is very potent now and the 150 degree aspect is associated with the signs Virgo and Scorpio, encouraging us to look more deeply into environmental matters and their impact on health.

The Solstice chart isn’t very different. The Sun moves into Cancer just half a day after this Full Moon, so the Moon has only moved 6 degrees. The key thing to note at this time is that Mars is in the transformational sign of Scorpio and is about to enter a  new phase in the hero’s journey.

At his direct station, (June 30) Mars is entering a period where he must adapt to prevailing circumstances. This is an opportunity for Mars to become more mature and wise. This is a resurrection of sorts, a kind of rebirth or renewal, a time of renewed energy, motivation and determination.

The plethora of planets in these mutable grand crosses are like a washing machine full of clothes being tossed around and tangled together in a spin cycle. Once Mars goes direct it will be easier for us to untangle them, dry them off and choose what we are going to wear. The astrological ‘weather’ will play a key role.

Mercury and Saturn in direct opposition will help us focus and see more clearly what needs to be done, and if we use the mutable grand crosses effectively, Jupiter and Neptune will help us engage with the subtle nuances of symbols and clues that can guide us towards the worthwhile and meaningful.


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