Aries Equinox

In the blink of an eye we have travelled through space-time and reached another Equinox. The Sun’s entry into Aries marks this seasonal change when hours of daylight and darkness are equal everywhere on planet Earth once again.AriesequinoxPicture1

This Equinox chart strikes the cosmic tone for the coming three months. Here the Moon is in Leo and Mars is in Sagittarius so there is a fair amount of ‘heat’ in this chart. Mars is slowing down considerably however, and will soon turn back towards Scorpio, suggesting a slow burn rather than a rapid fire exchange.

Saturn is virtually stationary, so the energy, passion and creativity of this Equinox will need to be grounded and harnessed in a measured way to attain lasting results. Mars-Saturn combinations can be frustrating for the naturally exuberant so this Equinox could be experienced  as annoying if our patience is tested. Setbacks and delays over the next few months could add to our workload. There’s an exact square between stationary Saturn and retrograde Jupiter that challenges us to strike a balance between caution and optimism.  We may need to take step back and regroup before moving ahead.

A great deal of creative energy and strength is on offer now, but patience and dedication will be needed over coming months to make the most of these opportunities.

Equinoxes are the perfect time for meditation and intention setting, especially at the collective level. Sunday afternoon at 3.30 AEDT try to make time for reflection, focusing on harmony, love and peace.

Venus and Neptune are closely aligned too which will stir the emotions and add a dash of romance and magic. The square from these Pisces planets to Mars and Saturn could prove frustrating on a personal level if we are seeking to rekindle some romance, but have deadlines and work commitments getting in the way of some relaxation and enjoyment. Happening just before Easter, means most of us will be able to relax for a few days, though at least some of this time is likely to be spent in catching up with things that have been sitting on our to do list.



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