Capricorn New Moon – Jan 10 2016

Happy New Year all!

2016 promises to be an exciting year full of myriad options and opportunities. Did you made any new year resolutions? The December solstice was a pivotal time for harnessing the creative power of the cosmos,  but every New Moon is also a good time to set our intentions. So if you got caught up in the pre-Xmas rush and didn’t find time for reflection, this New Moon is another opportunity to focus on where you are heading in 2016.


The first New Moon of 2016 sees Saturn (Capricorn’s ruling planet) and Venus tightly aligned in the morning sky. Just one degree apart, they are especially connected because they are also in parallel declination. Venus-Saturn links can be interpreted in several ways. They often manifest in relationships, where a serious discussion about future plans and objectives is required.

On the one hand, Saturn in the happy sign of Sagittarius and joining Venus suggests the relaxed holiday mood will prevail for some of us. For the rest, a more serious mind set will be  apparent, especially if the demands of work and other tasks need to be addressed. Our own natural value systems will also be a determining factor.

Relationships and finances are two key areas that will feel the effects of this Venus/Saturn alignment, helping us to frame and ground our aspirations. This aspect helps us make important decisions about the future and what is most important to us going forward.

Mercury stations retrograde on 6 January and backtracks into Capricorn, highlighting any unfinished business that we must attend to. Jupiter stations retrograde a few days before this New Moon too, also aligning with the North Node. This combination could spark some heated debates and raise communication issues. Different communication styles may lead to misunderstandings. If big decisions do need to be made, it might be a good idea to spend extra time thinking and rethinking options too. Not altogether an easy New Moon to navigate.

Technical problems and computer glitches could arise too, as they often do when Mercury is retrograde, distracting us from our  objectives and busy schedules.


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