December Solstice and the Christmas Day Full Moon

The Sun stands still at its most southerly declination and daylight hours reach a peak for southern hemisphere residents. Solstices set the prevailing tone for the coming three months. Now is the time for intention setting and creative visualisation. What are our personal goals? What do we want to build upon? How can we make the world a better place? Capricorn is an earth sign and these are some of the questions that occupy the thinking of this most pragmatic sign. When the Sun moves into Capricorn at the December Solstice it’s an opportunity to reconnect with planet Earth too. Capricorn is ambitious and pragmatic, but it’s also conservative, so conserving resources is a priority.


The Moon is located in earth sign Taurus reinforcing respect for the natural beauty of Earth’s landscapes and her plants and animals. The Moon’s opposition to Venus in Scorpio gives us an opportunity to share the gifts and experiences of nature with loved ones and be mindful of our environmental impact on our home planet.

The Moon makes a grand trine with expansive Jupiter in Virgo and practical Mercury in Capricorn, plus a tight sextile to Chiron, which will help us manifest our aspirations and create harmony and peace over the coming three months.

Solstices are the perfect time for intention setting, ritual and meditation providing an opportunity for harnessing the special alignment between the Earth and the cosmos. Try to set aside some time on Tuesday afternoon at 3.47 pm (Melbourne time) to focus on your personal objectives and the contribution you can make.

On Christmas Day we have a Full Moon. (Exact at 10.11 pm Melbourne time). Emotions tend to run high at Full Moons and especially at this time of year, so having a Full Moon fall exactly on Christmas Day, in its own sign Cancer this could peel away a layer of body armour and expose our wounds and sensitivities. Memories and ghosts of Christmas past could  percolate to the surface.

Equally, there are many people who do not have a family,  or a home, and the isolation they feel is often compounded at this time of year. The Moon in Cancer is about family, but family is not just our blood relatives. The Moon is where we feel safe and secure, so if we are fortunate enough to feel contented and emotionally secure, this is a good time to express our gratitude and share our good fortune by giving to others.


There’s always someone in a more difficult situation, someone in more pain, or someone who feels more alone than we do. Whatever your belief system, or circumstances, this is a good time to reach out and help someone in need.

Giving  makes us feel better about ourselves too!

Uranus stations direct on Boxing Day, bringing a fresh new approach to our creative ideas and self expression as we move towards the new year.

Wishing you all my very best wishes for the holiday season!



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