Scorpio New Moon


Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio and his position is now outside the “Venus Zone” or that area of the heavens where he can unite with Venus. He’s about 50 degrees east of the Sun now and has therefore entered a new phase in his journey, venturing into new territory where he will face a number of tests.

When Mars leaves the Venus zone and begins his solo hero’s journey he must dig deep within to find new reserves of strength and courage. This 45-90 degree area is a crucial time of preparation. One of the key tests Mars faces now is to learn to ask for help and to accept the assistance offered by others, even those who he thinks of as lacking in experience or skills.

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At this New Moon Mars is also at the last degree of Virgo and aligning with the Moon’s North Node. This is where Mars will learn that ego alone cannot help him in his quest.

Leadership is natural for Mars, and because he’s had Venus by his side for some time, his confidence is high, but Venus is not so present now. She has her own business to take care of and she’s focused on other priorities. In addition, Venus is no longer moving in the same direction as Mars; she is applying to the Sun and will continue to do so for many months to come. Consequently Mars may feel a bit lost now, and may even feel that his authority is being undermined.

scorpionewmoonAs he enters Libra, (Venus’s sign) Mars is opposing Vesta and she is virtually stationary at this New Moon, giving her additional strength and purpose. Vesta is a solo operator like Mars, independent and self-sufficient in her own right. Mars may be about to discover that he is not the only one who can take charge and lead the way. Other people, including women, are capable of leadership and initiative. Mars may not feel at all comfortable with having his authority challenged.

Individuals who are very Mars oriented and ego driven will find this a challenging New Moon.

Mars is used to taking direct action, but it’s instinct and intuition that will guide him now, but only if Mars is willing to let go of the reins and listen to some feminine wisdom.





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