Venus and Mars (number three)

The first Tuesday in November is a special day on the Australian calendar when the nation stops for a horse race, the Melbourne Cup. This particular Tuesday will be exciting from an astrological perspective as we have the third Venus-Mars conjunction of 2015 happening that day. Venus and Mars will rendezvous at 24VI01 in the morning sky with Jupiter close by.


This  Venus-Mars conjunction is special because it’s only the second one in its series. Each and every Venus-Mars conjunction is part of a 32 year long cycle. A new Venus-Mars synod began 32 years ago on 26 October 1983 at 16 Virgo.

This being just the second union of that series, their cosmic energy is highly charged and powerfully attuned to bringing new relationships into being. If this conjunction at 24 Virgo is making its presence felt in your birth chart, you will especially feel its energy and passion.  Venus-Mars conjunctions can be creative or destructive, but on the whole this one is a positive one that encourages the formation of new and long lasting partnerships, both personal and professional.

It’s also worth noting that conjunction takes place as Mars is leaving the “Venus Zone” or that area of the sky where he can unite with Venus. Mars and Venus will separate after this union and will not unite again in the heavens for almost two years. Mars will travel away from Venus and Venus (having recently reached her greatest elongation from the Sun) will head away from Mars too.

This separation is natural and necessary and aids our personal development and help us understand ourselves and others. Just as Venus must wait for her hero to return from his quest and cannot go where he goes, the masculine and feminine aspects of our psyche will continue to develop and evolve.