Taurus Supermoon


Venus is a key stellar player at this Full Moon. As ruling planet of Taurus, Venus is reaching her greatest elongation from the Sun just before this Full Moon, which also happens to be a Supermoon.

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Greatest elongation is an important turning point in Venus’s journey. When Venus reaches her greatest distance from the Sun, she stops moving away from the Sun zodiacally and the gap between them starts to narrow. She starts to apply to, rather than separate from Sol.

Venus can become very extreme in her views and judgements just before she reaches this point in her cycle. At this time she is in a sense, reined in. She cannot travel beyond this point. An example of a person who was born with Venus in this position is Germaine Greer who was born within hours of Venus’ greatest morning elongation. Her Venus is in Sagittarius which lends itself to a social/philosophical/cultural expression of her key principles.

Currently Venus is making a conjunction to Jupiter, which is adding fuel to her inner fire, and therefore to ours. Venus in Virgo is meticulous and selective in her standards. The focus is on work, ethics, self-sufficiency, efficient use of resources and health. Waste of any kind is not tolerated by this Venus, so we are likely to see much re-organising and the implementation of streamlined standards and systems. Her expectations are exacting and precise. She knows what she wants, and what she doesn’t want. Anyone, or anything that does not measure up to her standards is not tolerated.

Venus has been willing to give others the benefit of the doubt while she has been separating from the Sun, but no more. She will only make a further commitment where there is evidence that her loyalty will be appreciated and reciprocated and her values upheld.

Rulers of the Moon and Sun are Venus and Mars who are about to unite in the heavens for their third encounter this year. Venus, Mars and Jupiter can be seen shining in the pre-dawn light. This Taurus Supermoon provides emotional strength to Venus who will be demanding attention, not just for herself, but for her highly specific agenda.

Taurus supermoon

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