Aries Supermoon

This is the largest Supermoon of 2015 and it’s also a total lunar eclipse! The eclipse will not be visible in Australia, but emotional surges and high tides can be expected. Seismic activity could also spike under this powerful Supermoon.

Significantly, the Sun joins with marriage goddess Juno at 4 degrees of Libra (the sign of relationship) and the Moon’s opposition comes from the independent sign of Aries pairing up with the solo virgin goddess Vesta. With Venus and Mars (rulers of these signs) still separating from one another after their recent conjunction, this eclipse is likely to be felt most significantly in our personal relationships.













In some cases it may be women who are acting more independently than usual and men who are more focused on maintaining personal ties, or taking a more passive role which is bolstered by the placement of Venus in Leo, a yang sign and Mars in Virgo, a yin sign.

The Moon and Vesta in Aries, along with Venus in her early morning star phase suggests a high degree of emotional independence, while the Sun and Juno in Libra will be doing everything possible to preserve key relationships, no matter how troubled they may be.

This won’t be an issue if give and take is a two-way exchange, but in dysfunctional relationships with unresolved issues and inequality, this lunar eclipse and Supermoon will bring matters to a head. It will also help us to see things from another’s perspective and find an equitable solution.

The North Node is at 0 Libra and about to cross back into Virgo is also focusing attention on partnerships. New relationships could face their first real test under this Supermoon.

Mercury will arrive at inferior conjunction a couple of days after this Supermoon eclipse, when tricky communication issues can potentially be resolved, but this might also signify a parting of the ways if no workable solution can be found.



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