Libra Equinox

2016-CI-Calendar-FrontPageSeptember is an action packed month with a Supermoon, a Nodal ingress, eclipses, stations, a Venus-Mars conjunction, Mercury retrograde, Saturn’s full ingress in Sagittarius and much more. There’s a distinct paradigm shift at this Equinox, which is bolstered by Pluto’s station two days later.


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This Libra Ingress/Equinox chart sees the North Node with the Sun at 0 Libra, a sure sign that we are in the midst of eclipse season. The Nodal cycle moves backwards through the zodiac, so it is about to move into Virgo. This Equinox falls between two eclipses, a partial solar eclipse on September 13 and a total lunar eclipse  which is also the largest Supermoon of the year on September 28 (more about that next week).

Venus is now firmly established in the morning sky and is very bright. The ruling planet of Libra, Venus is making an exciting trine to the maverick planet Uranus at this Equinox, providing ample creative opportunities and encouraging new fields of interest and social connections. With Venus in Leo making an exact trine to Uranus, new exciting developments are the order of the day.

All this points to a significant month of shifting priorities that is amplified by the seasonal change that happens at this time of year. But this chart is not only valid for one month, but spreads its influence across the next three months, suggesting that this quarter will be a time of dynamic change and dramatic events. Much that is new will be born.Libraquinox

Saturn’s recent re-entry into Sagittarius signals a change in our aspirations. The coming two years provide an opportunity to develop a stronger spirit of generosity and a philosophy that frames our next phase of development. Unlike Saturn in Scorpio which was very frugal and concerned with the bottom line, Saturn in Sagittarius is serious about upholding the rights and freedoms of the individual, no matter their background or status.

With Pluto stationing direct a few days after this Equinox, and the North Node moving into the efficient sign of Virgo, this Equinox signals that it’s time to weed out the past and plant new crops for future growth.


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