Leo New Moon

What a stellar line up we have at this Leo New Moon! August is a key month when the Sun is making its way through the sign it rules, Leo, and this particular August we have a host of other planets there too. Although Venus has disappeared and ended the recent Jupiter-Venus evening sky show, these happy planets are still within orb and will soon align again in the morning sky.

Mars, Hygiea, Sun, Moon and Venus are all in Leo now, but Jupiter has just ticked over into Virgo, where he will remain for the coming 12 months. Jupiter is said to be uncomfortable in Virgo because of the traditional rulership of Jupiter over Pisces, Virgo’s opposing sign. The large scale, big picture focus of Jupiter is rather at odds with the detail-focused mindset of Virgo, but since people tend to see either the forest or the trees, not both at the same time, Jupiter’s placement in Virgo can also bring insights that help us to join the dots and gain perspective.

Leonew moonPicture1

Jupiter was last in Virgo in 2003-4 so consider events that were taking place at that time. This may shed light on the path forward now.

Large scale creative visions are now at a point where the details need to be filled in. I recall that it was when Jupiter was last in Virgo that I began writing my first book, Secrets of the Zodiac. The concept for the book had come to me when Jupiter was in Leo, but when Jupiter moved into Virgo I actually had to start writing!

Venus reaches her inferior conjunction at 22 Leo the day after this New Moon, an alignment that focuses our attention on our inner world and our key priorities. This is an excellent time to set your intentions for the next 19 months, one full Venus cycle.

This is the perfect New Moon to make important decisions about the future, especially regarding creative plans, personal finances and key relationships.

Venus will emerge into the morning sky on the 19th but will continue to be retrograde until early September, giving us plenty of time to consider our options and our next move.

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