Cancer New Moon

Mercury, Mars and Pluto are the key celestial players at this New Moon. Mercury and Mars are very tightly connected and their opposition to Pluto has an equally tight orb.

A high degree of intensity is suggested at this New Moon with the Moon in its own sign and Jupiter and Venus continuing to shine brightly in the evening sky. While positive, Jupiter can be over the top at times, and the intensity of this New Moon may make for a rather manic experience. Mars-Mercury-Pluto can be given to volatile outbursts and rash actions so try to stay calm and keep a level head when speaking your truth.
















At the time of this New Moon, the team from NASA will be examining recent images from the New Horizons flyby. Fascinating to see Mars and Mercury so closely opposing Pluto, suggesting the excitement and pioneering energy associated with this key stellar event! We may be in for more surprising revelations about the lord of the Underworld. Already we have learned that Pluto is larger than it was thought to be and that it has a heart shape on its surface. Seeing Pluto up close and personal seems to symbolise a new more conscious attitude and deeper awareness of the archetypal Pluto, which can only be a good thing.

The day after this New Moon, the Moon will join Venus and Jupiter as it did a month ago, and this union will once again feature the fixed star Regulus, providing ample opportunities for success and good fortune.

Breakthroughs concerning issues of long standing can be made. This New Moon has a lot of positive growth potential, but watch for heightened anger and volatility. Emotionally charged outbursts often happen under such intense aspects as these. Mars is still liable to act out and could throw a temper tantrum.

Venus stands still in the evening sky on 25 July and begins her 40 day sojourn in the Underworld. Despite this, Venus will only be invisible for a week or so. This phase of Venus is a crucial time that symbolises our reunion to our inner goddess.



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