June Solstice



This is a dynamic and highly creative Solstice and one that is brimming with positive energy and enthusiasm.

A key feature at this June Solstice is a beautiful stellium in Leo. This is a stunning sight in the western sky after sunset, with Jupiter, Venus and the Moon together within a few degrees.

Venus and Jupiter will become even more intimate over coming days and arrive in a beautiful conjunction on June 30. They will continue to travel side by side for many weeks, sustaining a positive vibration.

The Moon is very late in Leo at this Solstice and is in a mutual reception with the Sun. The sextile between them adds energy and focus to this Solstice chart and means we can utilise this good fortune in a positive way.

Saturn is probably the most challenging archetype at this Solstice. Squaring the Moon and quincunx the Sun, repressed emotions could erupt in psychosomatic medical problems and health issues. If we are only conscious of being positive and ignore any feelings of unease, this is when such problems can arise.

The tight Moon-Saturn square being very late in fixed signs is suggestive. Perhaps this placement says something about old negative patterns that are seeking release before we can take advantage of the opportunity offered by Venus and Jupiter. At the last breath of fixed signs Leo and Scorpio, the Moon and Saturn are urging us to let go of the past and look to the future.

This is an ideal time to process and release pent up emotions. With Venus retreating and entering her retrograde period this quarter, there is a real opportunity for renewal. Letting go of anything that no longer serves us may be painful, but it renews the spirit. The creativity, confidence and positivity that is available at this Solstice will be far more accessible in the coming months and hence more sustainable, once we have dealt with any negative feelings of self doubt.

Chiron is stationing retrograde now too, which will help us dig deep to find meaning and inspiration. Vesta aligns with the South Node and this will also fuel the creative fires and the spirit.

Solstices are the perfect time for meditation and quiet reflection. In Australia, this Solstice will be happening in the small quiet hours, 2.37am in Sydney, Melbourne and eastern states, perfect to record your dreams and see what hidden messages they reveal.


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