Dog Signs (Part A)


The Aries dog makes an excellent guard or attack dog. This dog will insist on being the leader of the pack, but if you let him have his own way, be prepared for the aggressive behaviour that will result. You must endeavour to be the top dog in this relationship and set out what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. The Aries dog will always be alert to potential intruders and will snarl and bark, even bite if necessary, any uninvited travelling salespersons, survey-takers, or other hawkers who happen to knock on your door. After a while people might stop coming around, but that could include your friends too! Headstrong and impulsive, your typical Aries dog is prone to cuts and abrasions and will always lead you when being walked. If he a small dog he will be just as aggressive, perhaps even more so, as he may suffer from an inferiority complex. Either way you can’t win. If you must have an Aries dog make sure to take him out for regular exercise, somewhere where he can’t do much damage, and let him burn up excess energy.



The Taurus dog just loves food, cuddles and pampering in that order. He does have a lazy streak and enjoys lying around all day and eating every morsel of food you will of course provide.  Be advised; do not go near this dog when he is eating a bone. He can bite the hand that feeds him. There is a fair measure of hound in the Taurus dog; he likes to hunt and the retrieving instinct is strong. The Taurus dog has been known to stamp his foot when he does not get his own way or when he wants more food. Loyal in the extreme, the Taurus dog has a big heart and will form a close attachment to his owner and would much rather spend time with you than with other dogs. The Taurus dog can become obsessed and possessive about his ball and his other toys. This is an excellent guard dog who will patrol the perimeter and watch for intruders. He likely has an over-developed sense of smell, but his bark is definitely worse than his bite.


Geminis dogs get bored easily so a playmate and lots of toys are a must. This is a very intelligent dog with an extensive vocabulary, who will quickly understand every word you say. That doesn’t mean he will actually obey commands, because he has more interesting things to do. The Gemini pooch will happily do tricks until he gets bored with that too. Don’t leave him home alone all day or you will find the washing pulled off the line and holes dug all over the backyard. One of those toys that involves him using his mind, such as those kongs that you put food inside, will relieve some boredom and keep him occupied for a while, until he works out the puzzle and wants something else to do. He tends to become overly excited at the prospect of trip in the C-A-R. But he will soon learn to spell, so spelling out W-A-L-K is fairly pointless. He could take a special dislike to the postman.


Cancerian dogs are moody and sensitive creatures and have been known to howl at the full moon. Like their Taurus cousins, they love food and are prone to weight gain. Swimming is a good exercise for these dogs; they usually love water and won’t protest at bath time. Do not criticise your Cancerian pooch or they may sulk and get depressed. He will be content to stay at home and monitor home security whilst you are out at work, but he would actually much prefer it if you stayed home all day too and kept him company. The Cancerian dog is very good at making you feel guilty with those ‘puppy-dog eyes’ so you will have to re-arrange your life and set up a home office just so he doesn’t sulk and brood. A friend of mine has a Cancerian Jack Russell that doesn’t bark when you arrive at the front door, but growls and snaps at you when you are about to leave.


Leo dogs are show dogs. They love nothing more than parading about displaying their many talents. Groom your Leo dog regularly and he will be a loyal companion. He will insist on being ‘top dog’ so discipline is important. He loves play and tends to be boisterous so playing outside is best. But he will also like lying around on your bed all day, especially after a difficult day of exertion mainly involving lying around on your bed all day. They do like hunting from time to time and playing games. Of course the world revolves around his needs, not your timetable. They are good guard dogs too. No matter what they are doing, Leo dogs do it with wholehearted enthusiasm. They like to take you for walks, and love adventure. Troubles can come if another animal tries to usurp his obvious authority. So long as his top position in the pack is not challenged in any way, you have in the Leo dog a loyal companion.


Virgo puppies are often fussy eaters and tummy upsets are not uncommon. They are eager to please and they learn quickly. They usually don’t mind being left alone and will gladly do chores like fetching the morning paper or your slippers if you ask nicely. Make sure you give them a treat once in a while. Virgo dogs are very polite, well mannered and obedient most of the time, unless they feel they are being ignored or taken for granted. Then they can become quite testy and ignore you and sulk for days. They like walking on a lead and they can trained to walk off lead too. Mostly they are not adventurous so they will not want to run off and explore, being quite content to follow your directions. Make sure you treat fleas on a regular basis, as those little things can get so damn annoying and he does like to stay clean and presentable.

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