Earth Signs

The Earth element is steady, reliable, practical, full of common sense, grounded and of course, down-to-earth.

Earth is form and matter, the physical world, material goods and possessions and nature itself.

The word “matter” comes from the same root as mother, mater,[i] so Earth is indeed Mother Earth, our home.

The earth element is self-sufficient, self-contained and organic. All earth signs are grounded in reality and strive to be authentic and natural. More than any other signs, earth signs are attuned to the natural rhythms of the Earth.

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are sometimes considered boring, dull, slow or materialistic, and when operating at lower vibrations, this can certainly be true, but that is the exception rather than the rule. Often underrated, earth signs are resourceful, efficient, disciplined, reliable and hard working.

Earth signs are conservative, a word which might make us think of a stuffy bank executive, but in its organic sense, being conservative means that one lives simply and is interested in conserving the Earth’s resources and minimising waste; someone who is deeply committed to working in harmony with nature and who takes personal responsibility for their actions.

Practical, moderate, realistic, patient and thorough, earth signs are conscious of time. They live life at a slower pace than fire or air, and share with water a deep inward calmness. When everyone else is rushing about, earth signs maintain a focused stillness, which is much steadier, contented and self-contained than any of the other elements, including water.

This intrinsic stability makes earth signs adept at managing the frenetic pace of life because they have a stable reference point against which to measure their experiences. While others are madly dashing about, earth signs calmly go about their business, dealing with each project and event in manageable portions and in a timely fashion. Earth signs can show others how to effectively manage our time.

When we slow down the pace of life we start to connect with the earth element and with our planet and begin to deepen our respect for and relationship with Gaia.

Those who have a number of planets in earth signs are inwardly grounded and feel a deep-seated connection with the Earth. When operating with a high degree of integrity and consciousness, earth signs want to live as naturally and organically as possible, taking personal responsibility for their ecological footprint. They know how to work towards efficient, achievable, sustainable and practical goals. They can show us how to save resources and money too!


Taurus is the first Earth sign. Taurus combines the Earth element with Fixed energy to create a solid base. Those with a strong Taurus signature want to align themselves with fundamental standards and values which they seek to preserve. Taurus admires what is natural and beautiful in nature. They appreciate natural fibres, organic foods and products of quality that can be evaluated and appreciated by the five senses. Never in a hurry, Taureans are patient and move at a measured, regular pace. Taurus is also interested in money, which is the method we use to assign value in our world. Because it’s a fertile sign, Taurus helps us understand the intrinsic worth of flora and fauna and that life itself is truly priceless. Most of all Taurus wants to establish solid, worthwhile standards which can be relied upon to measure and evaluate our experiences and the world. Taurus teaches us patience, perseverance and persistence.


VirgoVirgo the second Earth sign, is a combination of Mutable energy with the Earth element which makes Virgo keenly aware of natural cycles. Here the values and standards of Taurus are honed and perfected, improved and adjusted to fit specific circumstances and different situations. There is a season for growth, a season for harvest, a season for preparing the next year’s growth and a quiet time of rest when the seed is germinating underground. Virgos have a deep respect and love for animals and strive to live a healthy lifestyle. In myth, the virgin goddess Vesta/Hestia was the eldest daughter of Saturn/Cronus and spent more time than her siblings contained within her father when he swallowed his offspring. This self-contained quality is associated with the virgin sign. Virgos like to live naturally and are especially interested in diet, healing, health and minimising waste. Virgo teaches us self-sufficiency and how to live simply and in tune with the natural cycles of our environment, in all we do each and every day.

Capricorn-001Capricorn the third Earth sign, is a combination of Cardinal energy and Earth which means that Capricorns are skilled in using their initiative. Here the standards and values that have been established in Taurus and polished and perfected in Virgo are used to create social standards, rules, regulations and infrastructure. Capricorn establishes the systems and structures of the world as well as setting an example by their own standards of behaviour. Saturn/Cronus is father time and the god of agriculture, so Capricorn understands the need for conservation and working in harmony with the Earth over time. Highly self-disciplined, Capricorn teaches us the importance of taking personal responsibility for our own ecological footprint. It shows us how to build institutions, governments, systems and regulations to ensure ethical standards are upheld across the wider community. As Pluto moves through Capricorn the focus is shifting towards the need to establish new regulations and infrastructure which will conserve our Earth and her resources.

[i] Stephanie Austin, The Mountain Astrologer, Issue 137, Feb/Mar 2008 p102