The month of March is named after Mars, the god of war – the planet we association with action. And what an action packed week we have coming up!!

This week we have an incredibly powerful total solar eclipse that will be visible from a narrow band of sky in the northern hemisphere. This eclipse is part of Saros 120 a very ancient cycle that began in the year 933 at the South Pole. Now close to its end it’s approaching its northern most latitude, where it will conclude in the year 2195. This eclipse traces a path northward through the Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Scandinavia, ending over the north pole.


Passing close to Iceland, and moving over the mid Atlantic ridge, this eclipse could trigger volcanic and seismic activity. A recent report in New Scientist explains how melting ice actually contributes to volcanic activity. Since this eclipse occurs at the time of the northern winter thaw, it could trigger a major Icelandic eruption. It’s worth noting that there was a powerful earthquake in the mid-Atlantic ridge in February that registered 7.1. Ongoing activity deep in the Earth in Iceland’s volcanoes and polar regions could now increase.

The Moon will pass in front of the Sun at 29PI27 just a breath away from 0 Aries just hours before the Aries Equinox.

This is also another Supermoon, with the Moon’s closest approach to the Earth only hours before the eclipse.

It’s worth noting that the Sun and Moon at 29 Pisces, are positioned at the exact position where Uranus was located in March 2011 when the massive 9.0 Japanese quake and tsunami took place.

Earthquake prediction is not a simple task. Many astrologers, myself included, have attempted to look for sky patterns that could trigger seismic events. As yet there is no full proof system. But it is a fact that Supermoons do add stress to the Earth’s crust, putting additional pressure on regions where fault lines exist. There are higher tides at these times, and the crust of the Earth is also affected.

With this Equinox, New Moon, Lunar Perigee and Eclipse all happening within a small window of time, the same week as the last hit of the Pluto-Uranus square this could trigger a major Earth event.


Equinox charts paint a picture for the coming three months. Happening so close to this solar eclipse, we can expect the coming quarter to be action packed. The last hit of the Pluto-Uranus square just days before marks this time as a momentous period in human history. The energy released now is likely to spur many a personal revolution and reverberate across the global community. It’s time to let go of the outworn and take a creative leap of faith.

Mars, ruler of Aries and of the month of March, is powerfully positioned in his home sign, and is in conversation with Uranus, potentially acting rashly and radically. Fortunately though Mars is in a mature part of his synodic cycle and is less likely to behave egocentrically. He is waning, and therefore more inclined to listen to others. Nevertheless, we can’t argue with the power of this Equinox.

These dynamic planetary patterns pave the way for a paradigm shift of enormous significance. Our planet Earth is at a crossroads, just as we are. It’s time to focus on what matters most.

As Pluto and Uranus align for their last square, it’s worth noting that they have now travelled half way through Capricorn and Aries respectively. Pluto has another 8 years in Capricorn, Uranus another 3.5 in Aries. As we commence the second half of this journey, we know there is some tough terrain ahead, but it’s time to invest in the future.


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