First Full Moon of 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s hoping the coming 12 months are peaceful, fulfilling and rewarding! On the whole, 2015 looks like being a much easier year than 2014. We still have one more hit of PLURSQ to navigate in March, but the astrology calendar for 2015 looks like providing more options and greater freedom of choice.

There are always a few tense aspects to work through, as seen with the first Full Moon of 2015 which involves Pluto and Uranus once again, a reminder that these two powerful archetypes are still making their presence felt and asking us to make some uncomfortable choices.

The challenges associated with tough aspects like this one, build character and aid personal development. Easy aspects don’t test us, it’s the hard ones that challenge us and enable us to grow.

The nodal axis is highlighted at this Full Moon; the south node joins with rebellious Uranus so we have yet another cardinal grand cross, a planetary pattern that has been the dominant feature in the heavens for quite some time. Uranus with the south node enables us to tap into our innate creativity and think outside the square. This favours the birth of new ideas and concepts, though it’s always easier to conceive them than make them a reality.

This Full Moon coincides with another defining moment in Earth’s relationship to our star the Sun. The Earth reaches perihelion now. Each year on Jan 4-5 the Earth makes its closest approach to the Sun. The zodiacal point of perihelion of any planet barely moves over hundreds of years. Currently this is synchronised with summer in the southern hemisphere and winter in the northern hemisphere, which is part of the reason why summer in Australia is especially intense.

Mars will also reach perihelion later this month in the early degrees of Pisces. With Mars moving quickly, we can get a lot of work done in short order. There may however be a tendency to rush. While many people are still on holidays at this time of the year, this may not be a very relaxing Full Moon. It’s more likely to be a busy period with a number of projects vying for our attention.

photo 2

Ceres moves into Capricorn on 9 January highlighting the environment and the need to reduce our ecological footprint by taking more personal responsibility for our actions and inactions. Ceres is the goddess of crops and grains so agriculture likely to be in the news. This is a good time to focus on our patch of Earth and make it more sustainable.

Pluto and the Sun make a conjunction each year around this time. This year it happens to be a Full Moon. It’s possible that we may see some powerful seismic activity this week. The Sun itself has been very active lately, discharging huge flares and intense electromagnetic storms.

This is a powerful and energising Full Moon that will help us prioritise and get stuck into projects that we have been procrastinating over. It’s likely to help us focus on our passions and make some key decisions about the coming 12 months.




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