Sagittarius New Moon 22 November 2014

This New Moon takes aim from the start of Sagittarius and with it comes a distinct shift in energy. This is a positive and uplifting New Moon that gives us options and a wider perspective.

Wild and free, Sagittarius is a marriage of the yang polarity, the fire element and the mutable quality, opening us up to many more possibilities and boosting confidence.

Apart from the Sun and the Moon, Venus, Ceres and Vesta are in the sign of the archer, lending their feminine wisdom and teachings to the sign of the Centaur.

Chiron stations direct about now too, creating an especially healing vibration and providing insight and the potential for wisdom.

Jupiter the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is slowing down and will soon station retrograde, in fact it is already at the degree where it will station on Dec 8.

Stationary Jupiter is a risk taker. It’s confident and outgoing, but can be prone to excess and hubris. The key is knowing when risk taking becomes recklessness. Handled with the right balance of confidence and planning, this New Moon brings real opportunities to harness our creativity and make good use of it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

As the 2014 astrology calendar comes to a close, it’s natural to make plans for the year ahead. This New Moon inspires us to think big and aim high. Jupiter in Leo is making a mutual reception with the Sun in Sagittarius, and with Jupiter slow, we have an opportunity to jump on board.

Stationary planets are highly visible, being close to the Earth. They are accessible and very powerful.

The mutual reception of Jupiter and the Sun augurs well for good fortune, good luck and positive outcomes. Mutual receptions create a kind of electrical circuit that amplifies the exchange of energy between the planets concerned. This happens in a such a way that each planet interacts with deference to the other. In this case we have Jupiter and the Sun, both planets are naturally associated with the fire element, and with Jupiter’s station happening too, Jupiter is especially amplified now.

Of  course there is always the possibility that we can take things too far, and with Jupiter there is the possibility of excess, hubris, exaggeration and taking things to extremes. Jupiter’s intrinsic nature is to expand. It’s highly creative, but the Sun in Sagittarius with stationary Jupiter in Leo can be prone to over-indulgence as musician Keith Richards can testify. Doors musician Jim Morrison also had this planetary combination of the Sun in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Leo. In fact there is only 10 days separating them. Morrison was born on 8 Dec 1943 and Richards on 18 Dec 1943.

With Chiron stationary at this New Moon this recklessness that can lead to accidents.

So the astrology forecast this New Moon is for a month full of positive potential, but it could very well bring too much of a good thing. Being conscious of the potential for overdoing it, means we can measure our responses to this over the top cycle. As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for. 




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