Libra Equinox

On September 23 daylight and darkness are once again in balance everywhere on planet Earth. The sign Libra with its symbol of the scales of justice, signifies the true start of the new season. Solstice and Equinox charts allow us to glimpse what might be ahead for the coming season.

This chart shows Venus, the ruling planet of Libra, in close proximity to the Moon in Virgo. Since this Equinox occurs just one day before the Libra New Moon  in this chart we have a quiet balsamic Moon hiding with Venus who has recently entered a new phase in her journey just days before this Equinox. Venus will be invisible for the next few months as she travels to the other side of the Sun. She will reappear as the evening star in early December.

Venus and the Moon are opposing Chiron now, suggesting a heightened state of emotional sensitivity, but they are also forming workable sextiles to Juno, the goddess of marriage, and to Saturn and Ceres both in Scorpio. This will provide a degree of emotional security and stability. Gratitude, forgiveness and healing are themes that lie at the heart of this Equinox chart.

Chiron teaches us that some wounds cannot be healed, nevertheless we must come to terms with them and recognise that the lessons we learn lead to wisdom.

Another important feature of this Ingress chart is Pluto who is now stationing direct, emerging from his Underworld. With this station happening in line with the Equinox, Pluto’s power is significantly amplified. Pluto also tightly opposes asteroid Hygeia, reinforcing accessibility to healing, although painful wounds may surface before healing can take place.


We have witnessed some heart wrenching events unfold over recent months, touching the lives of many individuals.

Psychologically speaking, healing often means we must let go of the past. This Equinox chart is very clearly saying that the time has come to move on. This Equinox brings a distinct shift in energy. It is a time of resurrection, rebirth and renewal.

The Venus-Moon conjunction in Virgo which opposes Chiron is giving us options in the way this energy can be expressed. Juno and Saturn will provide perspective and boundaries, helping us to restructure our lives and rebuild if necessary. This will help pave the way for fresh creative expression, alliances and goals.

Our vigour, drive and energy may be tested just before this Equinox when Neptune squares Mars, but this will also tone down recent aggressiveness. Mars’ natural forcefulness and enthusiasm will become infused with compassion, creating peace and harmony throughout the global community.

After the difficulties and challenges we have faced through much of 2014, it seems we are turning a corner. The coming months appear to be largely harmonious and peaceful and provide a real opportunity for healing and renewal.


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